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“A Do it yourself Guide to Securing Admission into extremely low Tuition Universities in Europe!

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“Dear Friend,
Over the years, JAMB the body responsible for application and placements of candidates to Federal and states Universities in Nigeria, have not been able to offer placements for majority of applicants due to few places available compared to the number of applicants, hence getting a place for post graduate studies in Nigerian Universities is almost impossible , and this has made the rights to University education almost an illusion in the country, however awareness about foreign Universities are equally on the increase but 95 % of applicants to Europe Universities were unable to secure a place in schools of their choices because of numerous changes in the application rules and procedures.”

“In Nigeria, Over 4 million people have applied to various Universities through JAMB in the last 5 years and less than 37% were granted study places, and many people gave up the ambition because they cannot help the situation.”

Here is a lasting solution to the problems of securing foreign admission to Universities with low or even tuition free

For those who can afford it, from experience most people begin to process foreign admission without considering the financial implications, but they get nowhere because it involves money, actually if you can afford little amount of money and you are ready to follow instructions on how to invest it wisely on this then this might be the best letter you will ever read as you hup about for solutions.

This is the revised edition of my E-book first published in 2006, it contains everything you need to know to secure admission to any University of your choice in more than 7 countries of Europe, it contains the new rules and the changed laws of each country’ application processes, if you have applied before you will be amazed at why your application was not successful.

One of the latest rules is that the application form must be signed and processed by the applicants , get a copy of this e-book titled :

“Live Work and Study Abroad: A-step-by-step Guide”

Get a copy today and have immediate access to self process your admission to any Europe countries of your choice, it is as easy as ABC.


“thanks so much for the information, it was indeed and eye opener, its so simple to follow and your prompt response to emails is very commendable, despite all challenges please keep up the good work”
Nathaniel Okunola
Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

“Hope all is well.
I thank you for the E-Book you sold for me its so intresting and i gained alot, infact the book has exposed me to many things i dont know and you have convinced me and i also had the believe that I will want to transact further business with you as much as we can.”


What you will gain from the E-book includes:

  • List of over 50 Universities in Europe where tuition is free
  • List of over 250 Universities in Europe where you pay 500 EUR as tuition fee so why paying 7,500 GPB or 9,000 USD for the same quality of Education elsewhere.
  • You will discover the best time to apply and why many people did not get a study place.
  • You will know the various additional requirements even before you start the processing.
  • You will know the right timing for your applications and you can apply to several schools in different countries to maximize your potentials.
  • You will always get first hand information about various world class Universities in Europe.
  • You will discover the step-by-step- Guide to self process your application.
  • You will learn how to do it right that your application will never be rejected.
  • You will learn how postgraduate applicants can beat the transcript headache from their
  • Schools in Nigeria, during this era of ASUU strike resurface.
  • You will learn how to self process your admission application at zero cost.

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There are 7 countries in the previous editions and we just added 2 other countries on popular demand making it a comprehensive information on 9 EU countries,and our

“E-Book is voted the leading products in the industry”

In 2008/2009 more than 95% of applications to the Scandinavian countries from Nigeria were not processed because of a single factor, I went to these countries to find out what the issue was, and I have solutions to it in my 72 pages E-book . Better still you can use it as a standalone solution for any country of your choice without necessarily reading every pages, as you can always read information about any particular country you are interested in at any point in time.

No hype, no fuzz, straight forward and simple instructions to help you get started with GUARANTEED result.

Get a copy of this E-book today and discover that nobody is supper human, as the only difference between few people who does something right and many others who does it wrongly is just accurate information.

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You have my 100% iron clad money back guarantee if you feel the e-book will not help you as promised on this website, you can see you have nothing to risk , we choose to carry the entire risk because we know the type of information we have in there.

How to order:

Make a payment of N3,500 (Three thousand five hundred naira only) into our company Bank account with the following details:

PHYRIC Marketing Nig Company



You have 90 days money back GUARANTEED if you are not satisfy with the product just mail me and state your reason for requesting a refund and you will have an immediate reply acknowledging your request and your money in 3 days and you still keep the E-book.

My reputation is my security which am putting on the line, to check this put my name or Company name into Google search and do a background check on us.

At least Google no dey lie ,if you decide to buy.

Upon payment send your teller number to me by e-mail on


and when payment is confirmed the download link to the E-book will be sent to your e-mail upon confirming your deposit.


Student status is the best in EU countries with which you can become anything, acquire one right away, get yourself a study place by doing it the right way.

Hurry up now, this may be the last opportunity as the extremely low and free tuition era is gradually coming to an end!

See you in Europe!

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